Friday, December 11, 2015

In the Christmas Spirit

As an adult I have struggled to get excited about the holidays, maybe because of the hefty credit card bills once Christmas presents have been purchased, or maybe because traveling to see family can be exhausting, or maybe because in the midst of "adulting" I forgot what the anticipation used to feel like. This year, it's all changed. I have a toddler in my midst, and she brings joy and excitement to my life every single day. On top of that, I've taken on a new challenge - to paint a couple of still lives that are aesthetically pleasing but also have some holiday appeal. Not only are they paintings of poinsettias (the most festive plant I can think of), but I made a point of listening to all my favorite Christmas music as I painted them, while sipping red wine and snacking on green and red M&Ms. This has to be a good recipe for inducing holiday cheer, right?

"Snowcap Poinsettias" - 12x9 - oil on panel

"Red Poinsettias" - 12x9 - oil on panel

These paintings are available - please email me at if interested! :-)


  1. the paintings are beautiful...and Christmas viewed through a young child's eyes is always magical.

    1. Thanks, Maria. Can't wait to watch her open her presents!

  2. Another bonus of parenthood. Having a child brings back so many wonderful feelings and memories of the season. Awesome paintings, Anna.


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