Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another Small Still Life

Today's new venture: "Trio of Pears" - 6"x8" - oil on linen glued to board Sorry, this painting has already been sold! Read more »


Monday, July 20, 2009

New painting inspired by "A Painting a Day"

Check out " A Painting a Day ," a website devoted to artists who turn out at least one new painting every day. Sometimes it's hard to keep creative energy flowing, and I believe that painting something , every day, is a good way to do this. So this morning I set out a trio of plums (having never painted plums before - it was about time!), and here was the result: "Plum Line" - 6"x8" - oil on linen glued to board I'm hoping to turn out many, many more of these fun little images in the near future. Read more »


Saturday, July 18, 2009

My first art blog post!

Welcome to my personal blog about art! This blog is long overdue, as there are so many wonderful and exciting things to share! I am going to start my blog with some notes I took during a PSOA conference lecture by watercolor artist Mary Whyte . Out of all the key speakers and demonstrators at April's conference, I found Mary to be the most concise, helpful, and inspiring in her remarks. Her lecture was titled, " 12 Tips for Creating Your Best Painting Ever ". 1) Improve technical skills so you can make anything with paint. Painting is vocabulary . Don't mistake technique for expression...expression is what you have to say with technique (the vocabulary). 2) Know yourself . Know what it is that you want to paint. Know what you want to say with paint. If you have trouple with thi… Read more »

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