Thursday, March 29, 2012

Finding Joy in a Broken Finger

On Monday night of this past week, I happened to be in the way of a speeding softball. Well... that's not exactly true... I just didn't catch the ball in time. I was playing 2nd base at a church league softball game, and after the batter hit the ball my way, I, being the completely clumsy and inexperienced sports player that I am, couldn't get my gloved hand there in time. Instead I got slammed by the ball on my unprotected hand... my left hand, the hand with which I draw, paint, eat, write, live . Buckled over and gripping my hand in pain, I knew immediately that the middle finger was broken. The ball had peeled the nail back slightly, causing it to bleed, but worse, there was the crooked silhouette of a bone being obviously out of place. Steve rushed me to a minute clinic; I … Read more »


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures from Weiler House Exhibition, March 24, 2012

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who came to this event! The reception flew by quickly and I so enjoyed visiting with all of our guests, fellow artists, and collectors. Here are some pictures from the event, with all of my works hanging in one of the rooms. I love the feel of this gallery, as it is very welcoming, and its home-like feel makes it easy for a collector to envision the artwork on their walls at home. Above doorway: "Four Rows, Napa Valley," "Morning Calm in Texas Summer," "The Canal Less Travelled." Top row, main wall: "Back Study," "Delights of Summer," "Attitude in Green (Sold)," "Arabesque in Blue." Bottom row, main wall: "The Incident," "Paint Horses in Caprock Canyons," "Summ… Read more »


Friday, March 23, 2012

Opens Tomorrow! 3-Artist Exhibition at Weiler House Fine Art

Weiler House Fine Art invites you to join us for an opening reception Three Texas Women featuring the works of Anna Rose Bain Ann Hardy Cecy Turner Gallery Night March 24th 5:00 P.M.- 9:00 P.M. Meet the artists Refreshment served Anna Rose Bain, a resident of Garland, is a young talented artist in the classical realist tradition. A specialist in figural and portrait painting, she is the Texas Co-ambassador for the Portrait Society of America. A resident of Colleyville, Ann Hardy's art has achieved national recognition. A signature member of the Oil Painters of America, Ann fuses realism with impressionism to create masterful still life, floral and landscape paintings. Dallas native Cecy Turner is a nationally recognized and award winning artist. Her skilled paintings include florals, still life, … Read more »


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Experimenting with New Brushes, and a New Nude Painting

Today at the Society of Figurative Arts we were privileged to paint from a nude model. SOFA's director, Michael Mentler, is a representative for Rembrandt art products , and they are always sending him samples to experiment with. Today he had some new brushes he wanted me to try out. A series of fine red sable brushes (series 240), they are already distributed in Europe, but have yet to be marketed in the United States. Our nude model was the perfect subject for testing the subtleties and nuances of these new brushes. Actually, I wanted to see how they'd compare to Rosemary & Co. brushes. They are my absolutely favorites (series 279, especially), and I've had a hard time finding anything I'd rather use! I quickly discovered that the Rembrandt brushes were wonderful to wo… Read more »


Friday, March 16, 2012

Recap: Judith Carducci Workshop, January 2012

- Originally posted to the Texas Portrait Network blog for TX members of the Portrait Society of America - So, it's already been almost two months, but I have been meaning to write about this workshop. Almost immediately following my workshop in Scottsdale with Nancy Guzik, I attended this one with Judith Carducci here in Dallas. Judy is one of the Portrait Society of America's most esteemed faculty members. If you've ever had the opportunity to learn from her, or hear her speak at PSOA conferences, you know that Judy is a firm believer in working exclusively from life. Because of her purist dedication to life drawing and painting, and her passion for her craft, Judy's work is incredibly strong and vibrant. She is also a great storyteller and for every point she makes in h… Read more »


"The Incident"... Based on True Events

Here is a recently completed portrait of my 2-year-old English Springer Spaniel, Bella. I titled it "The Incident," and it is based off of something that happened when she was still a 6-month-old puppy. She actually hasn't gotten into my paints since then, thankfully! (knock on wood...) "The Incident" - 18x10 - oil on linen I had several reasons for re-arranging this painting vs. using the original photos of Bella caught in the moment (you can view those pictures here ). First of all, the original pictures were blurry. Secondly, I wanted to at least start the painting from life. Now that she is a little older and better trained, she is actually able to sit for a while (she works for treats). Third, the camera distorted the perspective, making anything coming forward … Read more »


Monday, March 12, 2012

Taking Advantage of Dallas Blooms

This week is spring break, which really doesn't mean anything to me EXCEPT that my twin sister is off from her music teaching all week! So, that means she and I can spend lots of time painting together. Lately she has taken up painting again (she and I had flip-flopped majors and minors in college... I was the art major, music minor, and she was the music major, art minor). This makes me very happy as she is always great to hang out with, and she's a pretty good artist, too, especially for not spending nearly the amount of time at it as I do! Today the Dallas Arboretum was packed, due to gorgeous weather, spring break picnickers, and various wedding shoots and quinceaƱeras... but Emily and I found a quieter spot and sat down for two solid hours to paint some of the sunlit tulips. … Read more »

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