Friday, October 30, 2009

New Painting: "Little Fall Still Life"

"Little Fall Still Life" - Some oak leaves, acorns and a gourd, painted in lovely oranges, yellows, and forest greens because this Wisconsin girl just had to feel like it was fall down here in Texas! 6" x 8" oil on linen glued to board Read more »


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thoughts on overcoming economic woes...

I subscribe to a number of blogs and email newsletters that are directed towards artists, and the current buzz is that artists, in general, are becoming disheartened by the lack of sales due to our suffering economy. FineArtViews writer Keith Bonds tells of "Six Destructive Ds": doubt, discouragement, distraction, lack of diligence, disobedience, and disbelief. Another artist, commenting on this article, added a seventh word, "despair," to the list. I must admit that as an artist, I've struggled with all of the above, especially this year. It's been tough for everyone, especially those of us who create items of luxury, such as oil paintings. Another artist blogger, Lori Woodward, says in her article, " When Circumstances Control Emotions ," "...It&… Read more »

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