Saturday, November 19, 2022

Between Seasons - Turning Inward

"The Dance Between Seasons," 24x18", oil on linen panel, 2022 "The Dance Between Seasons" is the first truly quiet painting I’ve made this year. It conveys a sense of rest and introspection, even with the bright reds and "dancing" leaves. It's a slow dance. In my previous post , I talked about being drawn away from the desert, and towards the water. Water gives life, and it is full of movement and music. The ocean is not quiet. After a year of making paintings that are overtly exuberant, outward-focused, colorful, and energetic, this new piece is a welcome change of pace. My personality is such that I am naturally inclined to turn inward. But even with this natural tendency for introspection, I'm realizing that I too often deny that part of mysel… Read more »

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