Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fresh Air is Good for a Painter's Soul

Last week, my husband and I returned from five days of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. Since we hadn't gotten away from Texas all year and were both suffering from cabin fever in the 100-degree heat, this trip was an amazing escape -- the perfect place to go for some exercise and plein air painting! We would begin each hike early in the morning, when temperatures were in the low 50s. It only got up to the mid to high 70s during the afternoon. In spite of not being used to the altitude, I wanted to gulp in as much of that fresh air as I could. My nature-starved eyes wanted to remember as much of the mountain beauty as I could, too! After a few days, with quads and calves hurting after every step (we logged a total of about 40 miles, with me carrying my painting supplies on ever… Read more »

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