Monday, March 5, 2018

Dirty Brushes & Dirty Diapers: Finding Balance in Painting & Parenting

As promised, I will continue answering some of the questions I received a few weeks ago when I posted about my upcoming demo at the Portrait Society of America. Since some of you will not be attending the conference, I thought I would address the questions here on my blog and social media.  Today’s question is from @suzizef. She asked, “How do you juggle painting and motherhood?”  I have written extensively about this, especially in  2014  and  2015  when I was a brand new mom. If you’d like you can search my blog archives for some of those posts. However, since my daughter is now almost four years old and we have another little one due in August, our family dynamic is changing and I can answer this question from a slightly different perspective than what I had four years ago.  "Motherhood&… Read more »

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