Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Finished Book on Motherhood

With the completion of my last painting, "Inheritance," I felt I could put the finishing touches on this book I've been working on. It includes blog posts and all of my artwork from pregnancy through the beginning of Cece's 2nd year. You can purchase the book in various formats. Check it out! (Note, the preview only shows about 30% of the book... there are actually 58 pages. :-)) The Wait and the Reward by Anna Rose Bain Read more »


New Painting: Inheritance

My baby girl isn't a baby anymore. She is a full-fledged toddler, walking like a champ, going up and  down stairs, saying new words, and giving me real hugs and kisses! There's nothing she loves more than to snuggle up in my lap while I read her a book (or twenty). These times are so precious, and I love watching her personality unfold. It's becoming quite evident that she has been since birth the person she is and always will be. So who is this little person? She is my stoic little bookworm. She is careful, cautious... which is probably why it took her so long to start walking (she was 15 months old when she took her first independent steps). But it's also why she's so good at walking now; she hardly ever falls. She is deliberate, and a good observer. In fact, she'… Read more »

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