Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Search for Inspiration (New Self Portrait)

I completed this self portrait back in July, but thought I should share the story behind it.

The inspiration behind this painting was lack of inspiration.

I'm still new at this whole motherhood thing. Some days, like when Cece is teething, I know I'll never step foot in my studio, because those days are hard... In the trenches. All about her.

And of course, just four months ago, we packed up our lives and made the move from Texas to Colorado. These huge changes brought about a struggle for me -- I hit a giant creative block. Finally, I decided to stretch and prime about a dozen new canvases of various sizes, hoping they would motivate me to start some new paintings. The strategy worked. I had this idea of doing a self portrait that showed my frustration over having no ideas. The blank canvases reflect my state of mind.

My expression in the portrait was originally somewhat sad and listless. As the painting evolved it gradually became more of a determined expression. Art has that power... When we can't find the muse, we just have to push through and keep going with it, and eventually, the muse finds us.

Whatever our goals, whether they are to become better parents or better artists, I hope and pray that determination endures. Life is too short to let the roadblocks get us down!

"Self Portrait in the Studio" (2015) - 30x36 inches - oil on linen


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