Friday, September 6, 2013

Back in Wisconsin

I spent five days last week visiting family in Wisconsin. It had been quite a few years since I was in my home state during this time of year. I wish I could be there just a couple of weeks later, when the leaves start to change, but it was still a gorgeous time to be in the Midwest. The light is starting to change, with longer shadows, more atmosphere, shorter days. Besides the blue chickory that lines the roadsides, the flowers are mostly yellow goldenrod, black-eyed susans and coneflowers, or white Queen Anne's Lace, indicating late summer and pending autumn. The crickets sing constantly. The sounds and smells are so much like home to me, it was truly refreshing to experience them once again.

The sunsets were beautiful, too. Every time I come back, I feel torn. A huge piece of my heart will always be here, and part of my wants to come back to stay. But Steve and I are doing very well here in Texas, too - making friends and connections (and sales!), enjoying our church. I'm really content with where we are, even though the Dallas landscape does not offer much inspiration for an artist (though I've been finding some treasures here and there!). I guess it makes me that much more wide-eyed and grateful when I get to visit places of beauty, like my home state!

This little church is just a couple of miles from where I grew up in Mauston, WI. I never even knew it existed, but then again, growing up, I wasn't always looking for things to paint!

"Hilltop Serenity" - 8x10 - plein air (oil)

Below: Emily set up to paint, too! She was brave enough to try her hand at watercolor. :-)

Enjoying the clouds and setting sun with my dad.

Coneflowers and sunflowers from my Mom's luscious garden.

My retired police officer dad goes into teacher mode as we get out the nines and fire away. :-)

Below: something a little more refined. Painting one of my mom's flower arrangements.

Below: Dad with his twin girls (Emily on left, me on right)

Scenes like this are everywhere! If only I could paint it all...



  1. I worked for a year in Wisconsin and absolutely loved it. Not only is the landscape beautiful but the people were among the nicest I've ever encountered.

    1. Glad you had a good experience, Christopher! I'm proud of where I came from. :-)

  2. I can see why you miss it, a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing!


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