Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Upcoming Shows and Summer Projects

I'm finally sitting down in an attempt to post on here! It's been a very busy summer and I'm a little burnt out - but I can't complain because everything has been good. God has blessed me so much, and each day I wake up feeling grateful. I can't say I always feel motivated, because my energy has its limits (I can paint in 20-30 minutes "bursts," for up to 5 hours, and then I'm exhausted), but I am excited about everything I'm doing right now, and glad to have plenty of projects to keep the cabin fever at bay.

In addition to working on some really fun commissioned portraits (which, unfortunately, I can't show until they're unveiled in November), I've been accepted into quite a few juried exhibitions. Below is a list of the upcoming shows, and the pieces I'll be sending there. All of them will be available for sale.

International Guild of Realism's 8th Annual International Juried Show
October 4-November 3, 2013
Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, AZ

"Twin Arts" - 58" x 50" framed

Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Club 117th Annual Open Exhibition
October 1-25, 2013
National Arts Club, NYC

"Nurturer" - 32" x 38" framed

September 16-October 25, 2013
Richeson Gallery, Kimberly, WI

"Maggie" - 16" x 12"

"The Glass Sparrow" - 16" x 15"



  1. ...the 21st century is alive and well; you validate our deep love of an enduring proud culture, while a quick glance around might have caused some despair in that regard. Yes, I'm enthusiastic about your talent - and the sizzling neurons that wind up on the floor of your studio.

    1. Thanks, Raymond! I so appreciate your support!

  2. I swear I have seen the picture of the nursing mother somewhere before – has it been in any of the art magazines? Fantastic work. I love the way the fabric falls in the dresses of the Twin Arts picture – very nice detail, almost photo-realistic!


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