Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Muse in White" Time-Lapse Video Demo

Here is the footage of one of the demos from my workshop, about 5.5 hours worth of work edited down to 10 minutes. One suggestion: best viewed in at least 720p. :-) Enjoy!



  1. Wow! I don't know which I enjoyed more, the painting demo or the original piano solo! Thanks for sharing both.

  2. Hi Anna:

    I recently came across you from Sandy-Askey-Adams Fine Art Group on Facebook. I've been going through your blog from current to past and I'm just floored!

    I had to comment on this painting as it really moved me! I don't do figure works (I do landscapes mainly), but I've always wanted to dig deep and explore the figure.

    This painting here was so exceptional. The composition, the texture, the!

    I love your most recent painting where you seem bored. The denim jeans, the easel, the expression on your face. That is wonderful! I also loved the woman in the red dress reclining that you won an award for.

    You are so beautiful, so talented, so blessed by God. I probably don't need to point all that out. But every now and then I come across someone who's story just inspires me to be a better artist.

    I've a long way to go in comparison, but I will continue to practice and study and see where I can go. Perhaps I may even be brave enough to try some figurative works as well, maybe some portraiture. Don't know why I find it so daunting. (Unlike you, I won't be doing studies of myself. I'm a rather husky, rotund faced person. If I was as pretty as you, I'd sure be more open to that!)


    Anyways, just wanted to encourage you to keep exploring and painting. You are one of those gifts God places on the planet to enrich our lives through expressive paintings, and I hope you keep yourself in front of the studio easel!

    God bless!

    Robert Britton


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