Friday, October 29, 2010

Clutter-Free Studio and Mind!

After a successful art show this past weekend, the question remained: "What to do with paintings that didn't sell?" Steve was gone on business on Monday and Tuesday, so I was able to spend two full days taking a break from painting, cooking, and the usual weekday activities and recuperate from the weekend. Actually, I needed to recuperate from the weekend AND the two months before it which were consumed with LONG hours in the studio preparing for the show! Instead of laying around for two days (tempting though it was...), I ended up being very productive - it really felt good to give my work space and home a "makeover."

They say that artists, by nature, are messy...but I have discovered that I always feel more at ease and able to sit down to paint when the space around me is clean and orderly. Too much clutter makes me feel distracted, uneasy, and unable to focus on my art. Now, my studio looks great - I have all my paintings hanging in new places around the house (although some will be delivered to the gallery soon), and I'm able to move on to new projects without feeling stressed. So this is my challenge to other artists: if you are creating beautiful works of art, why not apply the same care and attention to detail to other aspects of your life? You'll be a happier person for it, I promise... :-)

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  1. Sometimes people do painting and keep it to themselves and I don't think that it is bad because I think they want to feel the stuff they have drawn and that painting is close to them


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