Monday, November 26, 2018

New Color Monday: Sennelier Neutral Tint

I am starting a new feature on my blog and Instagram called "New Color Monday." My goal is to share my experiences with oil paints from various brands. While color has become quite intuitive for me, I do enjoy experimenting with new hues. I recommend trying one new color at a time for several weeks or months--seeing how it interacts with other paints on your palette, and deciding whether or not it will become a regular there, or just a visitor when the occasion calls for it. :-) It's also important to try several brands of the same color, as they are often completely different!

Today’s featured color is Sennelier “Neutral Tint.” I was given this to try by the awesome folks at Savoir Faire, and the color surprised me, to say the least! I expected something gray, but it's actually more on the violet side. I’ve placed it next to ivory black for comparison (mixed with white so you can see how purple it really is), but I’d say it’s probably the most similar to Payne’s Gray or Indigo in that it serves as a neutral darkening agent. This color has been fun to play around with because you can mix it with transparent earth tones to cool them down without lightening their value (in fact it will darken them), or you can use it straight out of the tube as a cool violet shadow tone.

In the examples below of a current work in progress, you can see traces of Neutral Tint in the shadows and transitions. I’m really enjoying this color for what it is: a convenience color that saves me time on mixing and keeps my shadows from getting murky.

Get this color by clicking the image below.


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