Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Guy with a Beard

This guy... Michael Mentler. The Infamous 'M'. :-)

Michael runs the Society of Figurative Arts in Carrolton, TX. I have known him for almost five years now and have enjoyed regularly attending his Tuesday portrait painting sessions. We have gotten to be very good friends, and I have enjoyed celebrating with him in his remarkable success as of late (he has been hailed as a "modern-day Leonardo" by Richard Schmid himself!). Michael is an excellent artist and teacher, but he also has an overall look that is begging to be painted! He has posed for such greats as Sherrie McGraw and Rose Frantzen. At SOFA, though we work from all different models week to week, we are always begging Michael to sit for us. This week, our model didn't show, so Michael complied, and I finally got my shot at capturing this great man's likeness. I have tried at least twice before, and was never satisfied with the result. This time, I am much happier with it.

"Portrait of Artist Michael Mentler" - 12x9" - oil on linen panel (quick sketch completed in under 3 hrs)




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