Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend Distractions

My birthday is on Saturday (yes, wish me a happy birthday ;-)... so, I may not get around to finishing my discussion on nudity in art until the beginning of next week. I hope, by then, to also have a finished painting to share with you! I've been posting progress pictures of it on Facebook, but I'll be very excited to finally get it up on my website, after three months of hard work. I'll have pictures, and a detailed explanation.

In case you were wondering what artful things I might be doing for my birthday... Steve is taking me to the symphony to hear one of my favorite piano concertos of all time, Brahms' 2nd! I wanted to learn one of the movements back in college, just for fun, and my piano teacher told me, "Don't even bother." Not the most constructive thing to say, but his point was, "That piece is way too hard for most everyone." Ha!

Well, have a delightful, creative weekend!

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