Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Domestic Goddess?

I was sick with a nasty cold over the weekend, which made it difficult for me to work on painting; however, I find that "busy work" helps distract me from how crappy I'm feeling, so I decided to be a good steward of our small rented space and take up...(drum roll, please)...canning!

We may have the dinkiest back yard in the whole neighborhood, but in that yard are two trees: a fig tree and a peach tree. This year they were both in their prime, their fruit-laden branches drooping from the weight. I can barely keep up with harvesting them, although thankfully, some neighbors are relieving my burden somewhat by coming over and helping themselves to some of the fruit per my request.

So, assuming I did everything right, I now have a humble collection of pints and half-pints of: canned peaches, peach jam, fig preserves, strawberry-peach jam, and strawberry jam just for kicks. :-)

Yummy canned delights



  1. Looks delish! Isn't canning fun? We did cherry preserves and corn relish last fall with fresh fruits/vegs from the farmer's market. Looking forward to prepping some more soon!

  2. Oh can I say HOW JEALOUS I am that you have a fig tree! I absolutely adore figs. YUM! And fig jam with a sharp hard cheese (like locatelli) is AMAZING!

  3. That looks amazing. And, I am very impressed you know how to can! I wish I knew...maybe someday I can learn/teach myself.
    Becky :)

  4. Well, I had to call my mom a few times for some advice! She's been canning and preserving ever since I can remember, but this was my first crack at it. :-)


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