Monday, June 14, 2010

"Twin Arts," Part 3

The big project is coming along nicely. I think Emily's and my faces are just about done. I was shocked the other day when I stood on the opposite side of the room and looked at Emily's portrait. It's really her! And the fun thing about it is that her face is mostly in the shadows, so there are very few details. Meanwhile, the rest of her head and body are lit up by the light. My face is turned towards the light, while the rest of my body is mostly in shadow. It's an interesting dynamic...

The latest progress, besides faces, includes starting the palette, working on the carpeting, and the dresses.

Twin Arts - Early refining stage

And finally, Emily was able to come over and model for me! There are many subtle details especially in her back that I was able to work on. Here is a picture of the work in progress - I post pictures of the final results later.

Twin Arts - Emily on the model stand


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  1. Anna, DO write the book! It would be fascinating!!!


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