Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New Still Life, & Certificate of Excellence!

I'm not sure where most of February and March went, but both of those months have been wet, cold, and cloudy. It felt like we had weeks and weeks of rain, which is the most I've ever seen in my nearly seven years living in Texas!

With the rainy weather and a busy little baby to look after, I've spent most of my days at home, huddled in my studio. About a week ago, as the rain was finally tapering off, I stepped outside and discovered that the trees had suddenly started to come alive. Within a matter of days, things went from brown and drab to blossoming white and pink, and that gorgeous lime green that only happens in the early spring. I thought about where I was in my life one year ago. I was quite pregnant, painting away, but looking ahead towards the new life about to greet me. And isn't that what spring is all about? New life!

So I grabbed some of those blossoms off the tree, because they are fleeting and remain in bloom just days before fluttering to the ground, to be replaced by fresh leaves.

I set up this still life, focusing my thoughts on spring and the new life that comes with it.

"Spring Lambs" - 12x16 inches - oil on linen panel

The sonogram on the wall is of Cecelia at 20 weeks along. The quilt with the colorful sheep was made by my mom in honor of Cece's birth, and I have it proudly displayed in her nursery (when not using it for paintings, of course! :-)).

In other news, I am very excited to say that "Fledglings" was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in this year's Portrait Society of America International Competition! I have entered and been rejected for 6 years now, so I am absolutely thrilled to have finally made it to the top 40. Thanks to the PSOA's incredibly high standard of excellence, I have been motivated each year to keep trying and to continue making the best art I can possibly make. It's both ironic and appropriate that the winning painting is of my baby girl. I was so afraid to get pregnant and start a family - I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make art anymore, and if I did, the quality would be lacking. Having Cecelia in my life has proved otherwise... she is the best muse I've ever had. I love you, Cecelia! And thank you, Portrait Society of America!

"Fledglings" - 20x24" - oil on linen (frame by Master Works Frames)

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